Webinar: Perfecting Your Customer Service with SAP Sales and Service Cloud

Webinar: Perfecting Your Customer Service with SAP Sales and Service Cloud

Nothing is more valuable than a satisfied customer. This can only be achieved if your complete customer journey is oriented towards the customer and places them and their needs at the center of your business processes. This applies not only to the phases of purchase initiation and purchase processing but, above all, also to the phase after the purchase of your product to provide a holistic and consistent customer experience along the entire customer lifecycle.

As per Forrester, 74% of enterprises see the greatest buyer dropout in pre-purchase stages where customer service is the least involved. To become an intelligent enterprise, organizations will not only required to offer innovative products and services but also compelling and consistent customer experience.

Attend the webinar to understand how Bona AB, a leading provider of floor care products, gains real-time insight into customers from its consumer and machine service call centers with the SAP Service Cloud and SAP Sales Cloud solutions.


  • Overview of Customer Engagement & Commerce Function at organizations
  • Bona - Introduction & Challenges in Customer Service
  • Implementation of Sales & Service Cloud and integration with Bona ERP
  • Benefits - Glimpse of transformed customer service processes at Bona
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