Overhauling Cyber Regulatory Compliance: Putting AI and Automation to Work

Webinar - Overhauling Cyber Regulatory Compliance: Putting AI and Automation to Work

The digital transformation over the past five years has resulted in a surge in digital crime. The global pandemic has made matters worse. Global CISOs are under tremendous pressure to maintain cyber-defense systems and combat this surge. There are several battles to fight - global cyber skills shortage, inefficient cyber defense processes, and reactive approaches to breaches. Adopting the latest in AI, machine learning, NLP, and intelligent automation has now become extremely critical to the success of CISOs and organizational security.

Join us for this exciting discussion as top industry experts and cybersecurity gurus discuss strategies and tactics to optimize cybersecurity regulatory compliance.


  • Cybersecurity regulatory compliance today and what’s at stake
  • How CISOs are coping with emerging cybersecurity compliance needs
  • Over-reliance on manual processes and data management
  • The need to radically transform cybersecurity regulatory compliance
  • Strategies and approaches to using AI, automation and advanced data management to optimize cybersecurity regulatory compliance
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