The Rapid Innovation of the Convenience Food Industry

Webinar - The Rapid Innovation of the Convenience Food Industry

Join us for a panel discussion to hear industry and technology experts from ISG, Infor, and Birlasoft, discuss the rapid transformation of the convenience food industry and the evolving trends changing the way businesses innovate and address today’s top challenges.

We’ll cover how the farm-to-shelf business model is enabling the fast-paced changes this industry is undergoing and how innovation and technology transformation are invariably becoming an integral part of the change for this fast-growing industry.

On the agenda

  • Evolving trends in the convenience foods industry
  • How businesses are efficiently managing disruptions
  • How Infor and Birlasoft are innovating to advance the industry
  • How farm-to-shelf technology provides a leading-edge for convenience food companies

Sunder Pillai, Director of Consumer Services, ISG
Mikael Bengtsson, Industry Principal for Food Beverage, Infor
Rohit Agarwal, Former VP of ERP Service, Birlasoft

Candace Miller, Former Marketing Communications and Global Events, Birlasoft

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