Webinar: From Strategy to Execution: Assessing and Revamping IT-OT Architecture in the Oil and Gas World

Webinar - From Strategy to Execution: Assessing and Revamping IT-OT Architecture in the Oil & Gas World

With the democratization of digital strategic know-how and its wide range of applications, the Oil & Gas industry has a clear line of sight into how to digitalize their business operations. There is still one massive roadblock that’s holding them for making full use of this opportunity: the unsuitability of legacy facilities and architectures, and the lack of interoperability between different functions.

Therefore, it’s important to assess the “as-is” state of their asset infrastructure and extrapolate the operational challenges they will run into. It’s critical to closely review current architectures and align them to end goals of IIoT and Digital Twins led virtual assets.

There are a lot of considerations that come into the assessment lens including relationships between various siloed functions, ability of information network to work on humongous data volume, and maintenance costs. So, how does the rubber hit the road for the O&G players when it comes to these challenges en route Digital Virtual Assets?

Join us for this exciting discussion, webinar 2 in a 4 part series, as REN DATASIM visionary evangelists reveal a future vision on virtual assets and how current architectures need to be refined and integrated for enabling virtual assets for the O&G world.

What’s on the Agenda

  • Review current typical apps for five major scenarios across the O&G production value chain.
  • Analyze why/how to execute Virtual Asset solutions in a legacy O&G ecosystem.
  • How to revamp your existing IT-OT ecosystem to support Digital Virtual Asset programs.
  • Must-know checklist for improving base communication platform and architecture.

Todd Wolfe, Director OT, Birlasoft
Henry Ren, O&G Production Advisor, Ren Datasim
Ed Hernandez, O&G Production Advisor, Ren Datasim

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