Webinar: Conquering the Oil & Gas Production Problem: How to Rethink the Use of Digital Led Virtual Assets

Webinar - Conquering the Oil & Gas Production Problem: How to Rethink the Use of Digital Led Virtual Assets

Solving the Operational Efficiency vs. Oil Price Fluctuation Riddle

Despite the massive advantage robotics, IIoT, and digital twins offer, most of the Oil & Gas (O&G) companies haven’t yet used them to their fullest potential. With oil price collapses becoming a frequent phenomenon, O&G industry needs to relook at boosting their operational efficiencies to preserve margins.

Making The Leap - Autonomous Production Operations With Digital

Thanks to digital transformation, O&G players now have a unique opportunity to optimize their operational efficiency workflows. Digital has equipped them to perform real time monitoring of their operations from the comforts of a command center – the COVID-19 pandemic turned out to be a litmus test for such needs. O&G majors striving for high efficiency and growth margin are now eyeing moving away from cost savings to cost avoidance, from overlooking low production due to high crude price cushion to reducing lost production opportunity and pushing up net production time.

Enabling Autonomous Production With Virtual Assets, Virtual Sensors, Robotics, And AI

All said and done, not all O&G operators have a strategy to revamp or set up autonomous operation. So how should they plan for this transition? What tactics and short terms plans should be part of their strategy?

Join us for the first in this webinar series titled "Reinventing Oil & Gas Operations with Digital" and be a part of this very revealing discussion as industry pioneers in O&G from Ren Datasim and Birlasoft divulge how to transform O&G production with digital-led virtual assets.

What’s on the Agenda

  • The Future of Virtual Asset led O&G industry: From upstream to downstream
  • How/why are we hitting the wall O&G production
  • Setting up digital tech led virtual assets for O&G industry
  • How virtual asset can transform production for O&G companies
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