Webinar: Future-Proofing IIoT-led Virtual Digital Assets With Network Modernization in the Oil & Gas Industry

Webinar - Future-Proofing IIoT-led Virtual Digital Assets With Network Modernization in the Oil & Gas Industry

The majority of the Oil & Gas production facilities have been designed by overlooking the feasibility of applying digital twins and IIoT technologies. With the growing need to digitalize operations in the O&G industry, the players must relook and bridge their IIoT future process control, operations, and business networks. It’s time O&G companies revisit their existing infrastructure's cross-functional design and integrations.

This assessment is critical to building digital virtual asset solutions, including virtual sensors and IIoT platforms. The traditional methods deployed by organizations are not suited to drive this change. There's a solid business case for O&G companies to revisit their as-is state – the gains are massive, ranging from high ROI of production assets to better inventory management to meeting industry standards around compliance and workplace safety.

Join us for this intriguing discussion, webinar 3 in a 4 part series, as O&G industry stalwarts from Ren Datasim and Birlasoft reveal how to prepare your network infrastructure to leverage virtual asset platform-led networks.

What’s on the Agenda

  • The need to reassess network operations in O&G space
  • Why traditional approaches (PCN network led, etc.) are inadequate
  • Digital Twin Network for building the future of Virtual Assets in O&G world
  • New innovations required for autonomous operations
  • How to set your roadmap?

Todd Wolfe, Director OT, Birlasoft
Henry Ren, O&G Production Advisor, Ren Datasim
Ed Hernandez, O&G Production Advisor, Ren Datasim

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