Webinar: CX Series Part 3 - Digital CX Solutions: Future of Sales & Customer Service

Webinar - CX Series Part 3 - Digital CX Solutions: Future of Sales & Customer Service

Given the trend for selling online and the impending economic slowdown, organization's ability to adopt to a virtual environment to run its business in 2021, will be the key differentiator of success and failure. It is becoming ever so evident that organizations today will need to shift the way they run IT operations that supports all areas of their business online.

In all this, sustaining Customer Experience Levels and effective virtual Sales Operations will be imperative to sustain business growth, or purely survive an uncertain marketplace. Work from home, virtual events, and online shopping will become the norm going forward.

Webinar, Part 3 of Birlasoft’s SAP CX Series, if you are pondering with any of the below questions covered in our Agenda….


  • How can I build and manage an effective Sales pipeline in 2021?
  • How can I deliver exceptional Customer Experience to online shoppers?
  • How will my Customer Service Operations be more efficient?
  • How much time will it take to enter growth mode again?
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