Watch Now: Doing AMS the 'Smart' way for Infor Applications

Webinar: Doing AMS the 'Smart' way for Infor Applications

Optimize Operations, Elevate Efficiency, and Inspire Innovation: Create Business Success with Birlasoft SmartAMS for Infor Applications

To be an industry leader in today’s digitally complex and fast-moving world, organizations can no longer approach Application Managed Services (AMS) from a mere “keep the lights on” model. Enterprises must collaborate with AMS providers having digital capabilities as strategic partners, to continuously innovate and derive transformational value from their Infor applications.

The workshop session intends to bring out a value chain analysis on the processes of application managed services.

This session will explore the best practices applied in managing enterprise Infor Applications, gain practical insights, how to best leverage automation and gain a sustainable long-term ROI.

  • Stay current with industry trends on automation, analytics, and more.
  • Understand how integration and collaboration strategies in AMS help seamless operations.
  • How to secure applications and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.
  • Best practices to optimize performance, reduce OpEx, streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and ensure cost-effective application management.
  • Gain insights into maintaining the health, security, and performance of applications.

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